Proverbs 8  7-8-16

[1] Does not wisdom call out? Does not understanding raise her voice?

Consider this: God created Adam and Eve with perfect eye sight to see Him; they had perfect ears to hear the Spirit’s voice. When they sinned, our vision became near-sighted and our ears no longer interpreted the Spirit’s voice. Satan was happy to give us glasses to see what he wants us to see, and earphones to hear what he wants us to hear. The “reality” the world perceives is much like a movie: it has been created to look a certain way. What the world hears is according to what will keep each person believing a lie and staying in bondage. 

Wisdom calls, but no one hears. Understanding cries out, but no one listens–UNLESS the Holy Spirit whispers to us and removes the glasses that distort our vision. He offers us NEW vision, and headphones with HIS message playing over and over in our ears, “I love you with an everlasting love; you are Mine.”

All we have to do is believe Him. If we do, then we will access Him everyday through His Word and prayer. I pray that you will. Begin today. 

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