Three Truths

Listen along!

There are three TRUTHS that all people need to know:

  1. God is real and in control of all things;
  2. God loves every person and desires a personal, ongoing relationship with us;
  3. We can have a loving and intimate relationship with Him through Jesus.

What is it that keeps us from knowing God, from being aware of His presence, and from hearing His voice? The quick answer is that we are physical beings living in a physical, three-dimensional world and God is not limited to our three dimensions. He is beyond our capacity to perceive Him unless He reveals Himself to us. So, don’t worry if you’ve never noticed God before. Hopefully, you will soon.

In case you’re in a hurry, here’s the skinny of the problem:  We have two enemies. One is our sin nature, which when followed leads to self-destruction; the second one is Satan, and he has deceived all mankind into believing that we don’t have a sin nature and that this physical world is all there is because “if there was a God, He wouldn’t let bad things happen to good people.” That’s the lie; the truth is that there are NO good people; we all have chosen to follow our sin nature, and the “bad things” that happen to us are the result of the consequences of our own bad choices. We live our lives without any regard to our Creator and His plans for us. It’s called REBELLION, which is the very definition of sin. We choose to do what we want to do, and that attitude has led us to the dark side of self-destruction and separation from God. The good news is that we all begin in the same boat; the bad news is that eventually that boat will sink with us in it! All who are bent on refusing to obey God and living according to their sin nature are on the road to self-destruction. It’s not God’s doing; it’s OUR doing! But, we can’t help ourselves. We need Someone to save us. Enter Jesus Christ. God loved the world–that’s us–so much that He came to earth in Jesus to save us. How? Well, if you’ve ever watched an epic movie, there is always someone who gives his life so that others can live. That’s what Jesus did. We had a sin debt that was destroying us, so He came and died for us so that we could live free of that debt. The difference in Jesus is that since He is God, He had the power to take up His life again. In other words, He rose from the dead! 

So, if we believe that Jesus is God in human form, that He paid our sin debt, dying in our place and then rose again, we know what we need to know to be saved. But, head knowledge isn’t enough. We must trust in Him. For example, we believe that a chair will hold our weight, but we only trust in the chair when we actually sit in it. Do you believe that Jesus has a plan for your life? Do you believe that He wants to enter your heart (that part of you that is your essence, your consciousness) and lead you, love you, and transform you into the person He has always wanted you to be? That’s what we are saved TO. But, what are we saved from? We are saved from self-destruction in hell, which is where people go who have chosen to remain separated from God and are not prepared spiritually to stand in His presence. When a person trusts Jesus Christ, he is made ready spiritually to be in the presence of God forever! In fact, Jesus comes to live in us until we die, and then we get to see God face to face. We are already either living with God or living separated from God. It’s our choice.

There is a passage that describes our relationship with Jesus Christ. Ephesians 2:6-10 says,

 [6] For he raises us from the dead along with Christ…God saves you by his special favor when you trust in Him. And you can’t take credit for this; it is a gift from God. [9] Salvation is not a reward for the good things we have done, so none of us can boast about it. [10] For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so that we can do the good things and become the people he planned for us to be long ago. 

So far, all you have is information, but it’s much more than that! God wants a personal, thriving relationship with you, so let’s wait for Him to call you to Himself. What does that look like? First, you will believe that what you now know about Jesus and His offer of salvation is true. Next, you will see yourself from His perspective as He reveals it to you. That perspective is that He loves and does not want you to be destroyed by your sin and be unprepared to be with Him and enjoy His presence. You will want to cry out to Him and ask Him to reveal Himself to you. Then wait. When your heart is fully ready and sincere, He will do all the work. He will give you a new nature, one that is like His, when He comes to live in your heart! You will recognize Him by His peace, His joy, and His overwhelming love. 

The Bible says that God adopts us as His children! Wow! I will ask God my Father to reveal Himself to you and that you will respond to His invitation to be His child. When you do, please let me know. I will rejoice with you!

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