Proverbs 3  7-3-16

[7] Do not be wise in your own eyes; fear the Lord and shun evil. 

Why is this verse so important to guys? Because we tend to dismiss all other thoughts that cause us to doubt our ability to know the right thing to do, the right way to go, or to change the status quo. 

Yet, this verse tells us to doubt what we see and therefore what we know and perceive, and to hold the Lord in higher regard than our own opinion. Not only that, we are to shun evil! How do we do that without His help?!

Let’s go back to verses 5 and 6. 

1. Trust the Lord; decide now that you will do what He says regardless of whether you understand or agree

2. We simply cannot see everything or know the future; He Does! Lean on Him. 

3. Put everything on the table before Him: Pride, arrogance, tendencies, fears, past “experiences,” your future–everything. 

4. KNOW THIS: He is faithful and will guide you down the best path. It may not be an easy one, but it IS the best for His glory and not yours. You have been crucified with Christ and you no longer live, but Christ lives in and through you. Remember that. 

Worship Him somewhere today. 

Thank God for America and pray for her people. 

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