Proverbs 15 7-15-21

Most of us have been tested for Covid19 at some time. How have you done on the TRUE Covid19 test?

14 The discerning heart seeks knowledge, but the mouth of a fool feeds on folly.

The TRUE Covid19 test has to do with what you did with your time during the quarantine. It is like the parable of the servants and their bags of gold to which they were entrusted. The first two invested theirs and doubled their money; good job! The third one buried his and gave it back as it was. The master was not pleased. Which one are you?

During Covid19, when everything was shut down and restricted, did you:

  1. …maintain your daily walk with the Lord?
  2. …increase your time daily with Him in prayer and study?
  3. …read books, articles, blogs and/or other materials to stretch and grow you spiritually?
  4. …listen/watch sermons and other videos or broadcasts to learn about the Bible and science, history, archeology, eschatology, etc?
  5. …reach out by phone, email, or text to other Christians? Unbelievers?
  6. …encourage and help those in your own household?
  7. …feel stronger in your walk because of the Covid19 experience?

We can’t get the time back, but we can still put these questions to work for us. It will just be a little harder since our lives have somewhat returned to normal. Who knows? We may get another chance this next cold season!

Abba, You use everything in our lives to point to You when we listen and perceive with spiritual eyes. May Your Spirit continue to open our minds and hearts to Your heart’s desire, which is to have sweet, intimate fellowship with us. It’s why You came to live in our hearts! We love You; help us to act in that love. Amen.

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