SS 1-8-23 Lesson Expansion

“Death is a mercy” – To keep from staying in a never-ending state of estrangement with God, He kept Adam and Eve from eating from the tree of Life. God has a different kingdom in store for humanity, one without sin.

The Ransom Theory – Christus Victor Theory, the concept that we were captured and subjugated to Satan and needed rescue, was the generally held view for the first thousand years. After that came Moral Exemplar Theory, which reflected its day with God’s honor being disrespected and mankind was in need of redemption. Christus Victory Theory saw a come-back until the Reformation, which supported the Satisfaction/Punishment Theory. This theory holds that mankind was doomed, but Christ came and intervened for us with God and took our punishment upon Himself. All three theories hold some truth, but none are complete. The workings of salvation are eternal, and will never be completely understood on this side of eternity.

“Righteous anger” – ‘Anger is an emotion; it is amoral. What matters is how we deal with that emotion. We must understand that there’s a reason we feel the way we do when we get angry. Acknowledging our anger is healthy and helps us to work through it:

  • Why am I angry?
    • Has a wrong been done?
    • Is there an expectation that has not been met?
    • Is there danger?
    • Is my anger justified?
  • What do I do with it?
    • Attack?
    • Rage?
    • Hate?
    • Hold a grudge?
    • Pass it to God to help us work through it?
    • Forgive?
  • GotQuestions.Org has a great answer and explanation to “Was Jesus Ever Angry?