HAPPY EASTER! Easter is truly the most important day in history. Christ forgave the world! Who will trust in Him?

Aaron Gann, from CMJ, The Church’s Ministry Among Jewish People, has this to say about Christ’s resurrection:

“While the resurrection has profound implications for salvation – and a focus on this is indeed appropriate – the resurrection is not merely about our justification but is also intimately connected with the kingship of Yeshua [Jesus]. The resurrection proves Yeshua’s claim as the Messiah of Israel since the resurrection of the Messiah was promised as a marker of Israel’s Messianic king.”
“When reading through the pages of the Hebrew Scriptures, one can find many passages that foretell a coming Messianic figure. It can be argued that the Messiah is the central theme of the Hebrew Scriptures as a whole – and by extension, the New Testament as well. Many of these passages – which speak of this figure – speak of a future king whose kingdom would stretch from river to river, who would exercise dominion over his enemies, and who would judge the nations and usher the world into a time of peace never seen before. He is one who would inherit the throne of his father David – being both David’s son and his Lord (Matt 22:41-46) – and whose kingdom would endure forever.”

His kingdom is in our hearts! As we worship our Lord Jesus Christ today, let us greet each other with,

“Christ is risen!”
“He is risen, indeed!”

Lord Jesus, today we worship You as our Lord and King. You are Yeshua Ha’Mashiach, Jesus our Messiah. Thank You for coming to extend Your great love to us and to rule in our hearts until You come to rule in our world. The angels declared that as You left, so You will come. Even so, come, Lord Jesus!

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