Proverbs 3-10-23

Reflections on heaven from last night’s presentation:

I was involved in a huge praise and worship presentation yesterday. There were over 500 people onstage! Many of these people are members of my choir as well as fellow ministers I’ve known for 40 plus years. I played percussion in the orchestra, so I stood for most of the afternoon rehearsal (3.5) hours and performance (3 hours). We are all tired today….

The music was hymns of our faith and was a neat service with lots of audience participation. As much as I wanted to immerse in the joy of the experience—and I did occasionally—I had to focus on playing the music. Here are my reflections:

• The music was beautiful and I enjoyed being a part of something much bigger than I usually get to do. I got a sense of what it will be like in heaven with so many instruments and so many singers around me.

• Making sure that I played my part correctly meant that I couldn’t just listen and soak it all in. At the same time, there is a great feeling of accomplishment and a certain satisfaction in a job well done and to be a part of an overall experience that went way above one that I could achieve as an individual.

•The fatigue is something that we will only fight in this world. Once we get our glorified bodies, mental and physical fatigue will be no more!

I look forward to playing in a heavenly orchestra praising my God and Father, my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and my earthly Companion and Guide, the blessed Holy Spirit.

Abba, thank You for the opportunity and privilege of last night’s experience. In all we do, may You receive all glory and praise. Amen.

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