Proverbs 22 8-22-22

As we look at the construction of the human body, we realize how complex it is.

2 Rich and poor have this in common: The LORD is the Maker of them all.

As we continue our study of hair, let’s review:

  • The human head has an estimated 100,000 hairs;
  • We have hair everywhere except our palms and soles;
  • On the entire surface of our bodies, there are about 5 million hairs;
  • Vellus hairs are colorless and nearly invisible;
  • Terminal hairs have color and grow longer;
  • Certain hairs grow over years while others grow for less than two months;
  • Hair outside the follicle is dead, but is locked together tightly;
  • The outside of the hair (the cuticle) looks like the bark on a palm tree.

Today, we look at how our hair stays in the follicles, but then grows out of the follicles. It’s quite a miracle! From, “A Pocket Guide to the Human Body,” pages 73-78.

The hair needs to be locked inside the hair follicle to prevent it from being easily pulled out. Without a “hair lock,” hair loss would likely prove fatal for most mammals.
The hair follicle is lined with a cuticle whose overlapping cells face the opposite direction of the cuticle on the hair shaft. The precise interlock of the two cuticles makes it impossible to pull out a hair without tearing out a large part of the follicle with it. But don’t worry; this event immediately triggers the rebuilding of the damaged follicle and a new hair growth cycle.

The question arises, if the hair is locked in place, how does it slide out as it grows? Amazingly, tens of thousands of little “buttons,” called desmosomes, line the hair follicle. These buttons are quickly buttoned and unbuttoned in a precise sequence to allow the hair to slide out in a controlled fashion. Before the hair emerges from the surface of the skin, the lock (the cuticle lining the hair follicle) is digested with special enzymes.

I appreciate the miracle of the hair lock, but I still have questions about hair, so I went to WebMD and found some answers. We will look at those questions and answers tomorrow.

Abba, I figure we could study human anatomy all our lives and never learn all there is to know about us. Yet, there are things about our new bodies that will be fun investigating, too. But, we will have to save that for another post. Suffice it to say that we stand amazed at Your genius, Abba. You alone deserve all praise. Amen.

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