Proverbs 21 8-21-22

To see the miracle of Irreducible Complexity, all we have to do is look at the hair on our arms.

30 There is no wisdom, no insight, no plan that can succeed against the LORD.

We have two more installments concerning hair. Today’s is about the cuticle, which is the outer construct of a hair; tomorrow’s will be about the amazing “hair lock.” From, “A Pocket Guide to the Human Body,” pages 75-77

Hair grows from tube-like depressions in the skin called hair follicles. The hair shaft is formed from living cells deep in the follicle. These fragile living cells subsequently die to form the remarkably strong fiber we call a hair. The same follicle is capable of producing more than one type of hair during the course of our lives.

All hairs are covered with a layer of flattened dead cells (called the cuticle) that help to keep the hair from knotting up (imagine the knotted mess if our hair was made from comparably thin nylon thread [think rod and reel tangle]). Under the microscope the cuticle looks like overlapping shingles or roof tiles [much like a palm tree].

Wigs made from natural human hair must have all their hairs facing in the proper direction (the free edges of the cuticle cells facing away from the scalp), if they are to be groomed and lie properly.
The shape of the cuticle has an added benefit–perhaps its most important function–it locks the hair in its follicle.

Even the hairs on our bodies are not simple. There is design to each part, each cell, that makes us who we are. God wants us to see Him in all of His creation. Do this: wiggle your index finger back and forth. See that? We will talk about everything that goes into that motion in a couple of days!

Abba, we DO see You in all creation. I love the fact that You told us that You created everything–in six days! I also love that You have lately (in the last 150 years) given us the tools to discover Your creation and the fact that You created in six literal days. What we have been studying bears witness not only to a Master Designer (You), but to the fact that the human body was created all at once. There’s no other explanation for it. Evolution certainly cannot account for it. If so, then why not all of creation in six days? You are GOD. Things happen when You speak–like planets, suns, and life. You are amazing, Abba. Thank You for sharing Your world with us. Amen.

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