Proverbs 31 7-31-22

Memories from this day 40 years ago…

10 A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies.
11 Her husband has full confidence in her and lacks nothing of value.

Robin and I were married 40 years ago today. Thank you for taking the time to relive that day with me.

  • Robin and I were between our Sophomore and Junior years at OBU. We were penniless, but rich in love. We knew many of our school friends would come, so we had everything on one day.
  • We met at FBC, Ardmore, for our wedding rehearsal that morning rather than the night before. Most of us were from somewhere in Oklahoma, so it was convenient for all to drive there that morning.
  • After our rehearsal, we had our rehearsal dinner downstairs in the fellowship hall.
  • For the afternoon, we guys rented a hotel room and spent the day playing in the hotel pool and just hanging out. Robin and her girlfriends were (I think) at her parents’ house.
  • We met back at church; Dale Griffin, my Best Man, and I played impromptu piano duets in the choir room until time for us to take our place outside the entry to the auditorium. Fun times!
  • I watched from the door window until I saw Robin in the back ready to come down the aisle (we were about 15 minutes late because of the people who were waiting to sign the book; I think we had it downstairs at the reception for folks to have another opportunity to sign it).
  • When the music started, I shot out of that door with Dale on my heels! I met Herb and Robin at the front pew.
  • As we progressed through the ceremony, Robin and I had a kneeling bench. The guys had threatened to paint “Help Me” on the bottom of my shoes–and I had forgotten to check! I mentioned it to Robin and we had a good laugh together.
At the kneeling bench…
  • The next thing to happen was Dr. Hopper saying, “And now, Kelly and Janet…” I turned to Robin and said, “Janet?” Was I marrying her mother? We had a good laugh about that later.
  • Since we borrowed Mom’s car, the guys were tasteful in their decoration of it.
  • My Music/Youth Pastor, Norman Gooding, allowed us to use their lake house for our honeymoon. In the picture below, Norman was the one at which I was winking.
Norman was just out of the camera frame…

Two beautiful children, five churches, and four grandchildren later, Robin and I are more madly in love than ever.

Robin, I love you more than words can say. Happy 40th anniversary, Darling.

Abba, thank You for blessing me with such a wonderful, godly woman. I know that my life and my ministry were and are much more successful because of this wise and patient helpmate You placed in my life. May we continue to grow in You and in love with each other in these coming years. Amen.

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