Proverbs 15 7-15-22

The “magic” is in the relationship. When Jesus comes to live in us, we get His righteousness, His “cleanness.”

29 The LORD is far from the wicked [actually, they are turned away from Him and have blinders on], but He hears the prayer of the righteous [those who trust in the righteousness of Christ].

Never let sin keep you from coming to Jesus.
It never stopped Him from coming to us.

The idea of God not being able to look on sin is misleading. Was not Jesus God in the flesh? Did not God look on Adam and Eve–He even went looking for them! That concept is based upon the reading of the first half of a verse. It goes like this:

“Your eyes are too pure to look on evil; you cannot tolerate wrongdoing. (first half)
So, why do You…?” (second half)
Habakkuk 1:13

We cannot take the first half of the verse without taking the second half with it. In fact, the second half defines the first half. “It is true that God cannot look upon sin with approval and without action. In the case of Habakkuk, it was the Chaldeans (Babylonians).”* Even then, it was not God who instigated the invasion, but the flirting of Judah with the Babylonians (see 2 Kings 20:12-17; the prophecy did not cause the invasion, but foresaw it).

Sin has no power over God. But, it does have power over His children, which is why He came to earth as Jesus to put an end to sin (Daniel 9:24). This quote explains it well:

“…sin cannot be in the presence of God because whenever God draws near to sin, the raging inferno of His love and holiness washes all sin away. God can no more be tainted by sin than the ocean could be dyed red with a single drop of food coloring.
This is why God takes all sin upon Himself in Jesus and in the Old Testament.
Sin crushes, enslaves, and destroys humanity, but it vanishes away into nothingness at the smallest touch of God’s blazing holiness.”

This is, indeed, GOOD NEWS! It is why when Jesus comes to abide in us, we get His righteousness, His “cleanness.” Sin literally melts away in His presence. You may ask, “Then, why do we still sin after Christ comes to dwell in us?” Because we do not believe that He really abides in us. We think that we can turn around in our minds and He won’t see us (little children do this all the time). We ARE little children to God! When we realize and acknowledge that Jesus is with us 24/7, encouraging us, admonishing us, and cheering us on, then we will be done with sin. Until then, He continues to guide us, train us, and bear with us even as He asks us to do with others.

Abba, thank You for not giving up on us. When the blinders are removed from our eyes and we see what we’ve done, but also what You did for us (showed us that even killing You would not end Your love for us), we praise You with our entire being. We shout and bow and weep and sing; we fellowship with You and with each other in You; we show/tell others about how great a God You are! Amen.

*Jeremy Myer – Redeeming God website

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