Proverbs 12 6-12-22

When a person’s drive to know God overcomes all other drives, we know the Spirit is close to winning him over.

26 The appetite of laborers works for them;
    their hunger drives them on.

The key to the Christian life is the in-dwelling Spirit. He gives us the desire to know, to experience, and to share that experience with other believers. If a person is missing this desire, I see two possibilities:

  1. He doesn’t have a clear understanding of what is available to him;
  2. He has been misled through events, circumstances, teaching, temptation that leads to sin, pride, etc.

The Spirit knocks; will people answer? Jesus has declared amnesty for the entire human race, but people are still infected with the venom of sin; they have scales on their spiritual eyes and veils on their hearts. Jesus wants to heal them, to rescue them and to restore them. If they don’t let Him, they will experience all kinds of hell: A feeling of separation and isolation, anger, bitterness, disappointment and dissatisfaction with life. But, if they do let Him, they will experience all that the Father has planned for them since the beginning:

  • His love, joy and peace that come with His presence;
  • Spiritual insight, knowledge and understanding that come from listening to Him;
  • Wisdom, discernment and prudence that come by walking with Him;
  • Goodness, self-control and perseverance as we become like Him;
  • A Cause worth living and dying for as we strive to demonstrate His love to others.

Tomorrow, we will talk about what I think is the Number One reason people don’t believe in God.

Abba, as You continue to call people to turn to You, may they turn to You in droves. As we reveal to them how beautiful You are by virtue of our lives, may they want You even as You want them. Pursue them, Lord, even as You pursued us. Amen.

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