Proverbs 20 3-20-22

I Met Messiah is a part of One For Israel Ministries. Talk about exciting testimonies! Click it and see…

7 The righteous man [Jesus] leads a blameless life; blessed are his children [His kids] after him.

I am a firm believer in the redemption of Israel. I believe that they will soon come to acknowledge Jesus Christ, Yeshua Ha’Mashiach, as Messiah. One For Israel ( is a Messianic organization dedicated to pointing fellow Israelis and Arabs to Jesus through videos, meeting needs, and through making materials available.

Did you know?
From 2013 to 2021, One For Israel’s evangelistic videos in Hebrew were watched over 40 million times in Israel alone! In a country of just under seven million Jews, that’s five views per person. God is stirring up spiritual hunger in Israel in our day!

Their online outreach has 500,000 views per month on average in Israel alone!

To give a perspective on the growth of Christianity (belief in Jesus as Messiah), here is a neat statistic:

There were less than 30 Messianic Jewish believers when Israel was declared a state in 1948,
but the number of believers has roughly tripled each decade since then.
There are 30,000+ known Messianic believers in Israel as of 2021!

The Lord doesn’t have to come back to reach Israel. He’s doing it TODAY!!! Pray for the peace of Jerusalem and Israel as the Prince of Peace makes Himself known to them–and to the Arabs who live in that country!

Abba, I believe You have big plans in store for Israel concerning the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to their neighbors. I’m looking forward to a Great Awakening even as we have seen in America, England, Scotland and Ireland at the turn of the 1800th century–even bigger! I know You work without violating the will of anyone, but I also know You orchestrate circumstances, natural events, the moving of nations, and the hearts of people. May Israel come to know You as Messiah, and may they become great evangelists for You even as they were in the first, second and third centuries. Amen.

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