Proverbs 11 3-11-22

In order to know who Jesus is, we have to know Jesus. It’s really that simple. Why don’t we?

2 When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.

Yesterday, we talked about skewed images of Jesus. Here are some more:

Bodyguard god: prevents bad things from happening
On-demand god: honors fair and selfless requests
Boyfriend god: makes his presence known (you have to feel Him)
Guilt god: controls through guilt and fear
Anti-science god: forces trade of the undeniable for the unreliable (you can’t trust what the Bible says because it goes against science)
Gap god: becomes the explanation for the unexplainable (forcing God into a preconceived idea or explanation)
From: Who Needs God?

The point is that we will never know Jesus for who He is until we turn to Him and begin a personal relationship with Him. Know this: He is faithful and true. In fact, He is called Faithful and True (Revelation 19:11). What is He faithful to do? Forgive us. How do I know? Because He wouldn’t tell Peter to do it unless He Himself does it,

22 “No, not seven times,” Jesus replied, “but seventy times seven! Matthew 18:22
Note: Oral law required a person to forgive another person three times in a day. Peter asked Jesus if seven times was enough. Jesus replied, No, seventy-seven times or seventy times seven–per day (according to the translation you are using). The number is not as important as the lesson. Jesus used hyperbole to say that we are to forgive our brother EVERY time. Are we to keep boundaries? Yes, but we are to cancel the debt every time.

In Jesus’ case, He canceled the debt of everyone on the planet and in the timeline by dying on the cross. He broke the power of sin and death by rising again three days later. He calls everyone to follow Him by ascending back to His throne beside God the Father. We can only do that by getting to know Him and allowing Him to reveal Himself to us, the True Jesus. I think that you will find Him loving, peaceful, joyful, patient, kind, good, faithful, gentle, and in control. We would do well to be just like Him.

Abba, I want to be just like You. Please continue to reveal Yourself to me as I grow in You. May I continue to read, study, and obey You as we walk through each day together. It’s what Christianity is really all about. Anything else is less that what You desire for us. Show us truth, O Lord. We’re hungry. Amen.

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