Proverbs 6 3-6-22

The Father loves me, this I know, for Jesus told me so.

16 There are six things the LORD hates, seven that are detestable to Him: #1 Haughty eyes…

I had an interesting experience last Thursday evening. I had just finished singing/playing in the Singing Churchmen concert at First Baptist Church, Ponca City, and was headed out of town. I stopped to get gas at an OnCue and went in to get some coffee for the late trip home. A woman was talking to the cashier in a friendly way; when she finished her conversation with the cashier, she noticed my “SCM” shirt (it has a logo) and struck up a conversation with me.

Karen is an interesting person who has lived an interesting life, and wanted to tell me all about it. One particularly interesting part is her being raised Southern Baptist, but was introduced to Pentecostal ways, which included healing. She had been in a car accident when she was younger and went to a healing service. She said that she was healed! I stretched at that point and she took it as a sign that I was in pain. She offered to pray for me. I declined because I wasn’t in pain. We finished our conversation and she told me that she would pray for me as I drove home. I thanked her and told her I would do the same for her, which I did when I was back in my truck.

As I got in the truck, my arm reminded me that I had badly strained my bicep back in January and had reinjured it that afternoon at rehearsal (actually, it was break time and I hurt it goofing off on the stairs; I know, “surprise, surprise”). I thought to myself that I should have asked Karen to pray for my arm. “Oh, well, Lord, I guess You can answer her prayer now as she prays for me,” I prayed.

Evidently, Karen WAS praying for me! When I got up Friday, I had full use of my arm. It still twinges and tingles some, but it is remarkably better–even better than it was before I reinjured it. I was once again reminded of two things:

  1. Never look down on other peoples’ experiences with the Lord (don’t be haughty);
  2. The Father loves us incredibly much, more than life itself. He proves it in a variety of ways. In this case, He answered the prayer of His child, Karen, whom I will probably never meet again this side of heaven.

I will always be grateful to Karen for her joy, willingness to share her story, and her faithfulness to pray. I want to be known for those qualities, too.

Abba, today is a special day; we get to spend it with our brothers and sisters in Christ. May we worship together, sing together, study together and pray for each other–out loud, right then and there. May we not be afraid to be known as people of immediate prayer, even laying on hands to do it. Take us higher up and further in, Lord. Amen.

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