Proverbs 5 3-5-22

Our job is to show people the real Jesus, the One who loves them and can be trusted.

3 For the lips of the adulterous woman [Satan’s deceptions] drip honey, and her [his] speech is smoother than oil…

In the story, With You All the Way” (also entitled, “The Song of the King”), by Max Lucado, the king would play a song on his flute each morning that would guide the young warriors through the dark forest. The problem was that the hopenots (creatures of the forest) would mimic the song with their flutes; their melodies would be close to the king’s, but were not quite the same. Only one of the three warriors made it back to the castle (his secret is for those who read the book).

In this world, we also have hopenots who mimic the King’s true song. Jesus is that True Song, but the hopenots make Him out to be something He’s not. Our job is to show the love and acceptance of Jesus for all people. He will do the convicting of sin in their lives. We are to hurt for them, care for them, and tell them about the love of Jesus and our experiences with Him. We are to be light, His light, to those around us even if they are hostile. I have found that hostile people are usually angry people. Angry people have been hurt; they can’t trust the Jesus they know. We are to show them a different Jesus, One who loves them. Our trust in Him shows that they can trust Him, too.

Realize this: We show Christ the best in trying circumstances. When we say, “Lord, use me for Your glory,” we are releasing Him to allow trying circumstances in our lives. Are we willing? Those circumstances may have happened anyway, but even so, we choose to respond with patience and peace, thus showing everyone watching that they can trust Jesus, too, even in dark times.

Paul was facing hard times ahead (Acts 20:22-23), but here is his attitude, one that we would do well to adopt:

24 However, I consider my life worth nothing to me; 
my only aim is to finish the race and complete
the task the Lord Jesus has given me—
the task of testifying to the good news of God’s grace.

Abba, may I remember my own words when I experience dark days. Right now, things are great; I feel that You are teaching me great lessons. I also know that real faith is tried by fire. I release you in my life to allow whatever circumstances will give me the best opportunities to demonstrate great faith, Your love for me, my trust in You, and Your faithfulness to me. Whoever it is, Lord, that You are trying to reach, may they see the real You in me and want You in them. It is my only aim. Amen.

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