Proverbs 21 2-21-22

Hearing God’s voice is crucial to salvation and to everyday living. Do you hear Him?

2 Every person’s way is right in his own eyes, but the LORD weighs the heart.

Every person hears from God the Father sometime, and each person’s experience is different. I like to call it “tuning into His voice,” where we find the right frequency to hear Him. He is always speaking to us through the natural world (Romans 1:20), and I think that there comes a time when He calls our name. Whether it is us tuning in to His frequency or Him punching through with a strong signal, we hear Him and perceive Him for who He is.

The invitation to join Him usually comes after some seed-sowing and cultivating, but it doesn’t have to. Each person’s experience is unique to His life and circumstances. Also, what the Father says to each of us is tailored to us, our view of ourselves, and our view of Him—sometimes it is in spite of our view of Him!

The biggest point to today’s post is about hearing the Father daily, by which I mean, do we have a line of communication open to Him continuously? If we are, then:

  • We experience the assuring presence of the Spirit;
  • We are aware of the right choice of whatever we are contemplating;
  • Our joy is steady;
  • We look more like Jesus.

If we are not, then:

  • We miss the purpose of becoming His children;
  • We miss out on the peace, love, joy, comfort, assurance, hope, and more that the Father wants for His children;
  • We miss the leadership of the Spirit in our lives and will wander off into wastelands of sin and pointlessness;
  • We hamper the progress of becoming more like Jesus.

I’m sure there are other reasons for both, but these are the ones that come to mind right now. If you are not in the habit of talking with the Father, begin like this: “Abba, what do You think about _______?” Fill in the blank with anything that is going on in your life. As soon as you do, sit back and listen. What do you feel is the bottom-line answer? We usually know before we get the question out! We just need a bit of clarity from Him. Try it. I think you’ll like it!

Abba, I pray for my readers that they do this (or learn to do this) on a regular basis. Fellowship with You is what You have sought for us from the beginning. Being part of the Fellowship of the Trinity is the ultimate experience! May we all seek to hear Your voice. Amen.

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