Proverbs 2 7-2-21

How important is it to you to connect with Christ and be like Christ? The Spirit asks us this question routinely.

1 My child, if you accept my words and store up my commands within you,
5 then you will understand the fear of the LORD and find the knowledge of God.
9 Then you will understand what is right and just and fair–every good path.

A familiar pastor said that we would do well to give God the first minutes of our day, the first dollars of our income, and the first day of the week*. Each sets a precedent for the rest of our day, our week, and our dollars. Let’s look at each:

  1. The first few minutes of our day- Devotion
    1. We acknowledge Jesus as our Lord and the Director of our lives
    2. We ask Him to search us, to know our hearts, to probe us, and to expose any area that needs attention (Psalm 139:23-24)
    3. We pledge to follow Him faithfully all day
    4. We feast on His Word so that we have daily nourishment for our souls and fresh inroads for the Spirit
    5. We keep the line of communication open all day
  2. The first dollars of our income- Grace Giving
    1. We thank the Lord for His provision
    2. We take our daily/weekly/bi-monthly/monthly income and ask the Lord how much He wants us to give
    1. We give it to our local body of believers for them to do with as they seek the Lord (no strings attached)
    2. We look for other ways to give between paychecks (a neighbor needs groceries, a person needs the brakes on his bike or car fixed, etc)
    3. We ask the Lord the next time we give if the current amount is still okay
  3. The first day of the week- Corporate Worship
    1. We find a body of believers that have met to seek the Lord and to worship Him
    2. We set aside our preferences for the sake of the group
    3. We participate in worship recognizing that God has called us together for His sake and His glory
    4. We thank God for the privilege and honor to meet with others in His Church, His Body, His Bride

In our book on Discipleship that we are going through on Sunday evenings, a person who is successful in these three areas is well on his way to becoming a spiritual young adult. Spiritual young adults have moved from an egocentric outlook to a ministry-minded outlook. They no longer do things according to how they feel, but according to what is right and true according to God’s Word, and what Jesus is personally calling them to do. They are constantly seeking His face and His will. One day soon, they will be led to a person to whom they will be a mentor/discipler, and then he or she will become a mentor/discipler to someone else. And the process continues.

Which part of this post is the Lord calling you to work on? He usually doesn’t ask us to work on all of these points at once, but He does have us focus on one or two, depending on what is needed in our lives. Ask Him; He will tell you (actually, even as you read this sentence, you already know…).

Abba, I pray for my readers that they will heed Your voice and obey. May they not see working on these areas as drudgery, but as Discipleship 3.0. Help them to move from whatever spiritual level they are to the next one. Help them to see that we all grow daily; where we grow is up the Your Spirit. Move in our hearts, O Lord. You are the Potter; we are the clay. Amen.

*Faith Full, Part 5, Private Disciplines

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