Proverbs 26 6-26-21

Why would a person want to become a Christ-follower? We need to be ready to answer this question.

Answer [and correct the erroneous concepts of] a fool according to his folly [when he asks],
Otherwise he will be wise in his own eyes [if he thinks you agree with him].

My pastor and I were brainstorming the other day and he wrote down these five things that are easily shared with someone who asks why a person would want to become a Christ-follower.

Life Without God means:

  1. No wisdom
  2. Bondage
  3. No real peace
  4. No power
  5. No true satisfaction.
  1. No wisdom- Being able to determine when someone is lying to you is a big deal. Satan has most people fooled, so they spout off his lies as if they are truth: Darwinism (Darwin), psychoanalysis (Freud), and Communism (Marx) are three that took the world by storm at the turn of the 19th Century. Knowing what truth really is comes from the Truth-Giver, Jesus.
  2. Bondage- Whether we recognize it or not, we are slaves to that which controls us. Our sin controls us, therefore, we are slaves to sin. We need a Savior.
  3. No real peace- When we control our circumstances, we have a sense of peace. The problem is that we rarely control our circumstances, therefore, we rarely have this sense of peace, much less, maintain it.
  4. No power- We cannot control our circumstances, nor can we control other people (for long). We cannot change them; we cannot even change ourselves very much or for very long. We don’t usually have the desire to change; it’s easier to just rock along…
  5. No true satisfaction- Because we are just rocking along, there’s really no point to life. We accept circumstances as they come–or we rail against them–because we have no power to control what happens in our lives. There is some satisfaction to getting our way, and there is a fleeting satisfaction to sin, but both are temporary and illusive.

Life With God Means:

  1. Great Wisdom
  2. Freedom
  3. Real Peace
  4. His Power
  5. Real Satisfaction
  1. Great wisdom- With the Spirit comes the mind of Christ (1 Corinthians 2:16). When we die to ourselves and focus on Him (Romans 6:11, 1 Peter 2:24), we ask Him what He thinks about any given circumstance, subject, or opportunity. He instructs us in the way we should go or not go, in what to say or not say, and in what to do or not do.
  2. Freedom- We are free from the chains of sin (Romans 8:1-2, Galatians 5:1)! We do only what we want to do, which is to serve our new Lord and Master, Jesus Christ! Our heavenly Father is pleased with us and we have His Spirit to lead us in righteous behavior and attitudes. In Christ, we are free indeed! We COULD live to serve ourselves, but why would we want to? Jesus is the One with the words of eternal life (John 6:68).
  3. Real peace- Jesus gives us His peace (John 14:27, 16:33). It goes way beyond circumstantial peace and even beyond happiness. It originates at the throne of God and flows through us to others, just like His love and joy do.
  4. Real power- We have resurrection power available to us to overcome sin (Ephesians 1:20, 1 John 5:4-5, 2 Timothy 1:7). We access that power when we yield to the leadership of the Holy Spirit. It is always available because He is always available in us.
  5. Real satisfaction- Satisfaction comes from knowing that we are safe and secure in Jesus’ arms. The love, joy and peace that we feel give us a feeling of satisfaction that cannot be duplicated by the world (that’s what drugs and sex are all about). We are content with our circumstances because we know that we have a sure inheritance awaiting us with Jesus (our persecuted brothers and sisters know this differentiation very well). We live in His promise that He will either come and get us to take us to be with Him or that He will come again when He combines heaven and earth (John 14:1-4, Matthew 19:28, Acts 3:21, Romans 8:19-21).

When we share the Gospel, our first job is to give our testimony. The power of Christ in our lives is what is so attractive to a person in whom the Holy Spirit is working. The information above answers the question of why a person would want to become a Christ-follower. I pray that it comes in handy the next time someone questions you.

Abba, I look forward to using this information in sharing You with others. I realize that there’s not anything in there about what is required to follow Jesus, like the forsaking of ourselves and our sin, receiving Your gift of eternal life, the entry of the Holy Spirit into our lives, and our pledge to follow His direction and counsel from now on. We can share that information at another time or as You lead. For right now, we want to be faithful witnesses to the Truth. In partnership with You, I know we will be. Amen.

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