Proverbs 11 6-11-21

How can a person tell if he is a Christian, which is a follower of Jesus Christ, His Spirit, and His teachings? #4

2 0 The LORD detests those whose hearts are perverse [do not know Christ], but He delights in those who ways are blameless [Christ makes us blameless].

Here’s what we now know about how we can tell who the people of God are from an individual perspective.

  1. You had a starting point. There was a point in time when Jesus came to you and prompted you to give Him your heart and life–and you did, holding nothing back.
  2. Your desires began to change:
    1. You desire the love, joy and peace that come from being in fellowship with Jesus;
    2. You begin to sense the nudges and the restraining pull of the Spirit as you walk through the day helping you become patient, kind, and good;
    3. You realize over time that God is conforming you more and more into the likeness of His Son as you become faithful in walking with Him, gentle and spirit with everyone, and having self-control in all areas of your life.
  3. Your habits change. As you desire to walk with Christ and obey Him, He calls you to learn of Him. 
    1. Prayer becomes vital to you. 
    2. You begin to desire to meet with the family of God.

Being like Christ is a process that is initiated by the Holy Spirit. We don’t generate the desire; He IS our Desire. Any desire to please God comes from Him; any power we have to overcome sinful habits and desires comes from Him; any praise we want to give, any glory and blessing and honor and riches, comes from Him and goes to Him (Romans 11:36).

We are most like Christ when we are surrounded,
filled, enveloped and consumed by the Spirit of Christ.

We don’t lose ourselves–we become who we were meant to be! We become holy, righteous, blameless, upright, faithful, loving, and filled with all the love that comes from Him.

Do you want to be this kind of person? If so, then you definitely have the Holy Spirit working in you because lost people sure don’t want it! Let’s kindle the flame of passion in our hearts for God. Let’s praise our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Let’s be obedient to the Spirit as He communes with us, leads us, encourages us, protects us, and empowers us. We have work to do, folks. Let’s be about the Father’s business!

Abba, You have great plans for us, for our churches, for America, for Israel (see Romans 11:12, 15, 23-24), and for the world! Revival is coming! May we be ready to be part of the process, whether it’s witnessing, discipling, being light in dark places, rescuing, comforting, or any combination of all of these, we want to be ready, Lord. Help us to focus, to prepare, and to fix our eyes on You. Amen.

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