Proverbs 25 5-25-21

Corporate worship is designed for us to be refreshed by being with others who follow Christ.

4 Remove the dross from the silver [in this case, we are removing the silver from the dross by leaving the world behind and entering into worship with the body of Christ, the Church], and the silversmith [the LORD] can produce a [willing and useful] vessel [us];

In a book on corporate worship (our staff is going through it), there are seven essential elements that need to be present in a worship service:

  1. Recognition of God’s Character (Adoration)
  2. Acknowledgement of Our Character (Confession)
  3. Affirmation of Grace in Christ (Assurance)
  4. Expression of Devotion (Thanksgiving)
  5. Desire for Aid in Living for God (Petition and Intercession)
  6. Acquiring Knowledge for Phrasing God (Instruction from God’s Word)
  7. Living unto God with His Blessing (Charge and Benediction)

Sometimes they are combined and other times there is more than just one of the elements, but they are all there. In a worship service, these elements are covered in the music, in prayer, in the preaching of the Word, and in the invitation time. There is no set standard; they simply all need to be there. Also, there is no particular order (except for the benediction).They can be arranged as needed.

Let’s look at #1, Recognition of God’s Character (Adoration). Praising God for who He is and for What He has done exalts God. His name is the highest name (Luke 2:14). He has given His name to His Son, Jesus Christ, Yeshua Ha’Mashiach (Philippians 2:9-11). When we start our prayers with Father God, Heavenly Father, Abba, etc. we are exalting His Name and who He is to us. When we sing songs like, “Mighty is our God, mighty is our King, mighty is our Lord, Ruler of everything,” we exalt God the Father. When we read verses like, “and He will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” Isaiah 9:6, we exalt God the Son, of Whom Isaiah is prophesying. When we acknowledge the Holy Spirit and ask Him to come and take control, to fill us and to teach us, we exalt God the Holy Spirit. We owe everything to God; why wouldn’t we exalt Him?

Tomorrow, we will look at the next element of corporate worship. Just remember that the best way to prepare for next Sunday is to read His Word today and to spend time with the Savior in conversation. Give Him your life for today, for this hour, for right now. You will find His fellowship sweet and His love, joy and peace washing over you.

Abba, You are wonderful. You are amazing. You are certainly beyond comprehending! Why You would want us as Your children, especially at such great cost, is beyond me–but I’m glad You do! Thank You for loving us and rescuing us. We love being Your children! “You are exalted, Lord, You are exalted on high, and I will praise You!” Amen.

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