Proverbs 10 5-10-21

The joy of serving Christ grows over time as we get to know Him personally. It’s the secret in the sauce.

24 What the wicked dread will overtake them; what the righteous desire will be granted.

This morning, Robin and I will go to a memorial service for a dear friend, Linda Free. Linda was the wife of Tommy, with whom I worked in Wichita Falls, TX. Linda had a heart as big as Texas. Her motto was, “We just need to love them where they’re at” (best southern accent). And she meant it! After many years of physical struggle, she is now whole and complete in the presence of the Lord. Her race is won and she is enjoying the fruit of a life of serving the Lord Jesus.

How much do you desire to know Jesus? Are you interested in finding out what He likes and what saddens His heart? Do you crave His presence and participation in your life? The answer to this question will tell us whether we have made Him Lord of our lives or not. Let’s take time this morning to reflect on our relationship with Christ. Do we dread spending time with Him or is it the highlight of our day? Let’s renew our relationship with Jesus today.

Abba, I want You to be my Lord and Friend. Thank You for making such a relationship possible. That You would want a personal relationship with me in the first place is amazing! May I never take You for granted. May I carry over this desire for a deeper relationship into my marriage, my relationships with my children and grandchildren, and even with my friends and prayer partners. Connect us, Lord, with Your Holy Spirit. Amen.

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