Proverbs 7 5-7-21

Knowing where we are in our walk with Christ is important. It allows us to know how to move forward with Him.

24 Now, my children, listen to me, and be attentive to the words of my mouth. 25 Let not your heart turn aside to her ways; do not stray to her paths, [we must be diligent and intentional]

The “her” mentioned here is the adulterous woman, who is an example of Desire. She exemplifies anything in our lives that tempt us to step outside the boundaries set by the Lord. Whether it’s food, sex, hobbies, books, movies, or free time, anything about which we do not consult the Spirit before partaking sets us up for moral and spiritual failure. We tend to forget that we have an enemy who will use us to further his plan of usurping God. Satan wants God’s throne (Isaiah 14:12-15); in the meantime, he desires the throne of our hearts.

The discipleship book through which we are going on Sunday evenings has a summary and profile of each stage of a person’s spiritual growth. We will look at these five profiles over the next few days.

General Characteristics:

  1. Dead– unbelieving, rebellious. Satan is on the throne of this person’s heart (Ephesians 2:1-3).
  2. Infant– ignorant, confused, dependent. The unseating of Satan from a person’s heart and the rise of Christ to that throne is tumultuous: buried with Christ in His death and raised to walk in newness of life! (Romans 6:4).
  3. Child– self-centered, self-absorbed, idealistic, prideful or low view of self (or both at different times), interdependent. You know, childish.
  4. Young Adult– Action/service-oriented, zealous , God-centered, others-centered, mission-minded but incomplete in his or her understanding (Proverbs 19:2), independent.
  5. Parent– Intentional, strategic, reproduction-minded, self-feeding, mission-minded, team-minded (unity matters), dependable.

Have you found yourself in one of these categories? Did other people come to mind as you read through them? It’s usually easier to identify someone else’s position than our own. Let’s ask the Lord where we are in this list. We need to know our starting position in order to know how to move ahead. I love this quote,

“God loves us right where we are,
but He loves us too much to leave us there.”

Let’s place ourselves in His capable, loving hands and ask Him to guide us to our next stage.

Abba, You are a God of order. You set up the heavens and all creation in an orderly design. You designed us to grow spiritually just as we do physically. May we pay attention to Your Spirit today as You gently and quietly (most of the time) lead us in our walk with You. Grow us, Lord; don’t allow us to stay where we are. We want to be like You, Jesus, and that means daily growth. We need to always be moving “higher [further] up and further in” with You. We are Yours; do with us as You will. Amen.

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