Proverbs 22 12-22-20

Today’s Proverbs is a mash-up of Robin’s post to her Bible Study group and my own Christmas trivia. Hope you enjoy!

9 The generous will themselves be blessed, for they share their food with the poor [Robin shared her “food” with me; I, in turn, am sharing it with you; we’re all beggars sharing His bread with each other].

NOTE: I included the links for convenience. I hope you will click on them and read them–or, better yet, read them from your own Bible!


  • If you haven’t read “The Christmas Story” in chronological order, I highly recommend it.
  • Here’s how: Luke 1:5-80Matt 1:18-25, Luke 2:1-39Matt 2:1-23.   
  • Fun notes: Zachariah’s name means “God has remembered” and Elizabeth means “His oath”.
  • Elizabeth confirms to Mary she is indeed pregnant when not enough time has passed for Mary to have evidence of this.
  • Gabriel tells Mary what is about to happen. Joseph is told why.
  • The Greek word for host really means “armies”.  The shepherds saw a literal army of angels wielding their mighty weapons of praise on this most important of nights! 
  • Remember praise is our mighty weapon too as we fight the war over our thoughts during these unprecedented times. Replace anxiety, despair, worry and fear with praise and and thanksgiving. Spend time WITH the One who loves you more than you can comprehend and receive that “peace that passes understanding” (Phil 4:4-8). He came as Emmanuel meaning “God with us” so remain in Him that your joy may be complete (John 15:5-11). Choose to rejoice WITH Him in this day He has made (Ps 118:24)! Merry Christmas y’all!


  • Luke’s account of the Christmas story began with the last verses of the Old Testament (Malachi 4:5-6 and Luke 1:17).
  • Luke had access to Mary, which is why his account is so detailed.
  • There are six accounts of barrenness to whom important children are born to that couple. Can you guess who they are? Genesis 15:2-5, 25:21, 29:31, Judges 13:2, 1 Samuel 1:5, Luke 1:7.
  • An angel of the Lord appeared a total of five times in the Christmas Event (through the flight to Egypt): once by name (Gabriel) to Zechariah, once by name (Gabriel) to Mary, and four times to Joseph (in dreams).

Of course, nothing in God’s Word is trivial. Jesus said, “For truly I tell you, until heaven and earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least stroke of a pen, will by any means disappear from the Law until everything is accomplished” Matthew 5:18. The more we know of the Word of God, the more we become excited about His promises, the more easily we can discern His voice, and the more handles we have for living this life for Him. Let’s get into His Word this week and let it continue into next year.

Abba, thank You for such a godly wife who KNOWS HER BIBLE! We bounce stuff off each other all the time. In fact, You know that many aspects of my Proverbs have been “Robin approved” before they go out. She just has a knack for knowing just how to say things–or how NOT to say things. May we all read again the account of Your Advent with excitement and anticipation; may You give us fresh excitement about sharing the wonderful news of Your Coming and why You came. Thank You for coming to us for us. I am eternally grateful. Amen.


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