Proverbs 23 8-23-20

Can we succinctly state what we believe? If someone asked you, could you tell him why you are a Christian?

15 My child, if your heart is wise, then my heart will be glad indeed;
16 my inmost being will rejoice when your lips speak what is right.

A few weeks ago, I wrote in my post what I believed concerning my faith in Jesus Christ and what it means to me to be a Christian (Proverbs 7-29-20). I would like for each of us to do the same so that when the time comes that someone asks us, we will be able to state our beliefs succinctly and plainly without any “churchy terminology.” Here is the outline of what I did:

  1. Begin with “I Am a Christian.”
    1. A categoric phrase about who you are in Christ
    2. What you believe about Jesus Christ and His mission
    3. Restate “I Am a Christian.”
  2. The Holy Spirit
    1. A statement about the Holy Spirit’s role in your life
    2. Something you believe that the Holy Spirit does/is doing in you
    3. Restate “I Am a Christian.”
  3. The Transformation
    1. A statement that God is making you to be like Him
    2. Something you believe about God and His goodness and/or being like God or Jesus
    3. Restate “I Am a Christian.”
  4. Daily Living
    1. A statement about what and who guides your life
    2. Something you believe about His divine power in us
    3. Restate “I Am a Christian.”
  5. The Importance of the Gospel
    1. A statement that sums up what you are willing to do or give up for God, Jesus, and/or the Gospel
    2. Something you believe about living and dying for Jesus
    3. End with “I Am a Christian.”

As I worked on the memorization of my personal manifesto, I found out that because it was in my own words, it was much easier to recall. Also, I have found myself “fleshing them out” a bit each time I go over them. In your written copy, include as many verses as you can to support your statements, but don’t try to memorize those with your manifesto–that’s not the point. Whoever you are telling will probably not care what the verses are, and if they do, then you can call up your original (take a picture of it so you will have it on your phone) and show him.

How important is this project? That depends upon what you think the future holds. Do you think that you will ever be asked what you believe? Or be offered something that is immoral or unethical and you are asked to explain why you refuse it? Do you ever need reminding of what you believe? It sure helps me to restate it out loud or in my mind!

All I ask is that you start. Open the NOTE feature on your phone and start jotting down ideas. Once you have several, then you can start grouping them and rephrasing them to fit the outline. Your personal manifesto is yours, but you might have someone check it for biblical accuracy. It’s important to get it right if we are going to share it with others. Another thing that might help is to copy the outline and create another “note” for easier reference.

May God’s grace be upon you as you undertake this endeavor.

Abba, I pray for all who accept this challenge. May You give them clarity of mind, plenty of information, and a desire to let You lead them in this endeavor. I also ask that You give them plenty of opportunities to share it. May it become part of us, LORD, and how we share our faith.

Looking forward to worshiping You with my brothers and sisters. May You inhabit the praises of Your people today. Amen.

P.S. I sure would like a copy of your manifesto…
P.P.S. Don’t be shy. It’s not bragging.
P.P.P.S. I would love to help you with the project if you so desire. You may even use mine as a pattern. Go to Proverbs 7-29-20. It’s in the middle of the post.

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