Proverbs 6 7-6-20

I don’t like it when God subdues me–even though that’s exactly what I asked for! I want to be like Him whatever it takes.

7 Go to the ant, you sluggard; consider its ways and be wise!

But I discipline my body and keep it under control, lest after preaching to others I myself should be disqualified. 1 Corinthians 9:27

This discipline means that we must subdue radical thoughts and wayward thinking, the difference being that radical thoughts can come unbidden to our minds (demon instigated) while wayward thinking is our own sin nature getting the best of us. The first we take to Jesus and have Him deal with them. The second,  we take to Jesus and have Him deal with them. Going to Jesus should become our first means of defence in our battle for our minds.

This word, “subdue,” is interesting. Let’s look at it (also from 3-17-20):


  1. To conquer and bring into subjection;
  2. to overpower by superior force, overcome;
  3. to bring under control;
  4. to bring under cultivation;
  5. to reduce intensity, force, or vividness = to soften, allay, quiet.

In our Christian lives, we are to conquer our sinful nature and bring it into subjection; we are to overpower by superior force the “old man” within us and overcome the tendencies of our deceitful hearts; we are to bring under control our thoughts, and to cultivate His thoughts; we are to reduce the intensity, force, and vividness of sin in our lives by softening our natures to be like Christ, who is humble, gentle, and long suffering, WITHOUT muting our zeal for the LORD (Romans 12:11).

Concerning our present circumstances, let us allow the Spirit to allay our fears, which means to calm and quieten our spirits. Let us redeem the time by using it to increase our family time, our devotion time, and our worship. We might have to get creative, but all the better as the Spirit leads us!

Abba, I pray that You would invade our lives. We won’t like it, but we need it! Please don’t let us stay as we are–mired in sin and not knowing how to get out. Subdue my will, O God. Allay my spirit. May I learn the depths of these words in accordance to Your work within me. I realize that this process means that You will be placing me in circumstances that bring out the untested and latent areas of my heart so that they can be exposed to Your light and love. I must learn to subdue them by subjecting them to the law of Christ*. I know I don’t do this on my own. In fact, I must be in complete obedience to You, Holy Spirit, otherwise, I miss the whole point of the exercise, which is learning to reign like Christ WITH Christ. Amen.

The Law of Christ:

  1. Love as you want to be loved (Matthew 7:12).
  2. Love as Jesus loves you (John 13:34-35).

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