Proverbs 28 5-28-20

We’re on #4 of the:

Top 10 Things I Would Like to Say

Their importance is not necessarily rated, but their order has a flow to it. They move from initial contact to ultimate destiny.

  1. Absolute truth is based upon empirical, changeless evidence. When followed to its logical conclusion, it must stand the closest scrutiny.
  2. Debating Evolution vs. Creation does no one any good unless a person is willing to consider that the other person may be right. 
  3. Faith comes by hearing; are you ready to listen?
  4. Why I believe in Jesus.
  5. We are designed to create, but not by ourselves. The Spirit wants to create with us!
  6. Every decision we make shifts our direction, vision, and course. How much depends upon the decision, and how long depends upon our own stubbornness.
  7. Jesus is Jewish.
  8. We owe quite a debt to Israel.
  9. Jesus is coming soon! How do we get ready?
  10. What awaits us in heaven?

Why I Believe in Jesus

It’s interesting that today’s topic should fall on a day when I don’t feel all that good. It reminds me once again that my faith in Jesus is not based on feelings, but on fact and experience. Let’s explore the facts:

  1. Jesus was a historical figure. He was a real person who lived in the first century. In fact, our calendar is set according to His birth!
  2. His fulfillment of so many of the Messianic prophecies is enough, from a logical standpoint, to accept His claim as Messiah. Statically, He is a miracle. He fulfilled 30+ prophecies in 24 hours the night before His death and subsequent crucifixion–to say nothing of the ones foretelling His birth, birthplace, timing, His escape to Egypt, His growing up in Nazareth, and many more.
  3. His substitutionary sacrifice was something I learned after I had come to faith in Him. I am supremely grateful that He died in my place and took my sins to the grave. I am also grateful that He rose from the dead and offered me new life through Him.

What drew me to Christ, though, was not logic or history. It was the prospect of having a one-on-one, personal relationship with Him. My temperament is Sanguine (yellow); I am a very social person. Connection is ultra-important to me, and when I learned that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, wanted to be my Friend, I wanted it–greatly!

At six years old, I didn’t do a lot of logical analysis; I just followed what I thought I should do next. I know now that I was following the prompting of the Holy Spirit. Even to be saved, He led me in what to do, who to ask (my mom), and how to do it. In effect, my obedience to Him began BEFORE I got saved in order for Him to lead me in how to BE saved.

From that point on, I have felt His presence with me. What does His presence feel like? To me, He feels like the third dimension of my being. He has permanently affixed Himself to me. I never fear Him leaving me; that notion seems impossible. Our minds are joined, as well. I hear/feel His thoughts about me: His love, His encouragement, His joy, His peace, His radiance of the Father, His purity, His strength, His confidence, His zeal, His compassion, and even His patience as He puts up with evil until all of His children are gathered in. These are intuitive feelings and impressions that I get when I turn my awareness toward Him.

Why do I believe in Jesus? Because He’s a major part of me. I can’t imagine life without Him. He has definitely made Himself known to me!  When I read His Word, He points out things, confirms things, and teaches me about Him, His will and plan, and what is coming. He then instructs me on how to live according to what He has revealed. It’s always WITH Him, though. I am never to do anything without Him. He leads me in conversations, in kind acts, in my routine at work, in what we watch on tv, and interacts with me as I write (like right now!).

Why do I believe in Jesus? Because He is who He says He is and is doing what He said He would do. He said that He is God’s Son (God in the flesh, actually), and I believe Him. He said that He would come into my heart, forgive me of all wrongdoing and cleanse me of all unrighteousness, and I believe Him. He said that He would never leave me–more than that, He would lead me with His counsel, teach me, rebuke me, correct me, and train me in His righteousness, and I believe Him. In fact, I just summed up my entire 53 years of walking with Him!

Do you believe in Jesus? If no, then I pray that you will soon. If yes, then I pray that you will come to know Him as I do–even better!

Abba, I pray for my readers that they would be encouraged to cling to You as if our lives depended on it, which they do. You are our Rock, our Fortress, our Deliverer; You are in Whom we trust. Increase our faith even as we come to know You and follow You and obey You, LORD. Be real in our lives! Amen.

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