Proverbs 2 1-2-20

Has God given you a spiritual goal for this year? Have you asked Him for one? Do you WANT to be more like Jesus?

2 turning your ear to wisdom and applying your heart to understanding– 

Setting goals helps us to stay on track without allowing the “tyranny of the urgent” to draw us away. Our physical health has something to do with what we accomplish, as well. In order to achieve our goals, especially our spiritual ones, we need to be as healthy as we can be and in our right minds (which rules out alcohol and marijuana along with harder drugs).

Here are some examples to consider:

  • Get up 30 minutes early in the morning to read God’s Word and pray. Ask the Spirit to guide your reading time. Make lists of the people in your life and pray for them on a specific day. Of course, going to bed at a decent hour will help a lot!
  • Eating right always makes a difference. Choose foods that give you mental acuity, i.e. protein, low sugar, and NO high fructose corn syrup. The fewer ingredients (and ones you can pronounce) the better. Check out the ingredient list for Lays potato chips, Fritos, and Cheetos. The difference will surprise you.
  • Along with a fit mind goes a fit body. Figure out when you feel the best during the day and work in some work-out time. Walk, walk, walk! Walking can be done anywhere, in any clothes (except shoes), and in any weather (especially indoors).
  • Have a project:
    • Listen to or watch a series on Creation or other Bible topics on YouTube;
    • Listen to or watch a series by a well-known preacher/teacher;
    • Listen to Christian music instead of secular music;
    • Learn to read music (it’s a language, and one that’s not that hard to speak);
    • Get involved in a ministry, whether in-church or out-of-church, one from which you receive no benefit other than serving;
    • Pick a book of the Bible and learn all you can about it; practically memorize it!

These are just suggestions. Ask the LORD what HE would have you do. Let’s not be content with where we are; He has a wonderful adventure ahead of us! Even storms take on a new feel when we are walking with Jesus. Who knows? We may even get to walk on water with Him!

In all things, “Preach [teach, share] the word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage—with great patience and careful instruction.” We are His ambassadors. Let’s go be salt and light in our corner of the world.

Abba, I certainly don’t exempt myself from setting goals. Please help me to pick the ones You want me to do and then empower me to do them. Hold me accountable to You, O Lord. Grow me. Fill me. Get me ready for whatever is coming next in my life and in this world. Counting on You, amen.

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