Proverbs 24 8-24-19

What charges us in the morning? Most would say COFFEE! But, what gives us hope to live another day? And for what? or, Whom?

(3) By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established; (4) through knowledge its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures.

Wisdom from God is being able to see from His perspective. In order to do this, we must have the right foundation. Spiritual sight comes from being alive spiritually. The Holy Spirit’s presence makes us alive in Christ (Eph. 2:4-5, Romans 8:16). Through Him, we now have His perspective ready and available to us whenever we turn to Him.

Understanding comes through study and experience. We may have learned through a textbook that to touch the black and white wires on an electrical plug will shock us. If we never get shocked, we are blessed. Unfortunately, that’s not how sin operates. We have “open wires” sticking up all over our lives and we get shocked quite often. Understanding comes when we perceive what is shocking us and either capping it or avoiding it. Our head knowledge has moved to heart knowledge.

Knowledge is where we live. It’s what we consciously know and live by. It would seem that knowledge would have been listed first: What we learn, we understand, which gives us wisdom. In a sense, this is true. The problem is that IT’S DANGEROUS, EVEN DEADLY. We learn through nature that natural selection rules out bad decisions. Without God’s design and subsequent guidance, nothing in nature would survive, including us. Were it not for God’s constant protection and guidance, mankind would die off very quickly (probably by our own hand). WE NEED HIM!

So, let’s look at these verses as our pattern for godly living.

  1. We come to Christ for our daily bread, which consists of His grace: giving us what we need rather than what we deserve. What do we need? His love, joy, and peace. We get these every time we acknowledge His presence in our lives. When we turn (in our minds) to Him, His attributes wash over us like sunlight on a new day! WISDOM is that with which we start and is given by the Holy Spirit to us each day.
  2. Staying in the process is tough, but through UNDERSTANDING we learn that to do it ourselves–or any other way–leads to death. It’s what keeps us before Him. Life was meant to be lived with Him. Let’s DO IT!
  3. While we walk with God, He reveals truth to us through nature, through relationships, through circumstances, and through His Word. The more KNOWLEDGE we obtain, the more we can recognize His “voice” as He speaks to us.

You have started the process by studying this passage with me. Now, ask the LORD to reveal truth to you as you go about your day. Enjoy His love, joy and peace that emanate from Him. Be filled with hope as you trust in Him.

Abba, I pray for my readers that they would experience You today. The joy I feel in Your presence is in direct correlation with Your amazing, stedfast and overwhelming love. Through these, I am at peace. Regardless of my circumstances (which, by the way, are good right now), regardless of my struggles (which are continuous while in this body), and regardless of how I feel, I KNOW (through what You have told me in Your Word and through experience) that You are with me and will see me through to Your side eventually. May I continue in FAITH today: “Forsaking All, I Trust Him.” I love You. Amen.

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