Proverbs 7 7-7-19

What do you expect out of church this morning? Are you going in order to worship Him with fellow believers? or is it just habit?

21 With persuasive words she led him astray; she seduced him with her smooth talk.

Was this her first time to hook him? I doubt it. He knew where to find her (v.8).

We carry momentum through habit, custom, and repetition. Even our brains develop neuropaths through repetition. Habits help us do things quickly and efficiently. Customs help us stay on track. We can use these to our advantage to make corporate worship meaningful–for us AND GOD!

  • Have you spent time in His Word this week? How can you hear His voice if you aren’t “listening” for it?
  • Have you practiced what you have been learning from Him? Leaning on Him for strength, purpose, and determination is vital for Christians. We cannot do anything of spiritual value without Him.
  • Are you excited about joining other Christians in elevating the Father today? It’s what we will be doing for eternity. Let’s adjust our attitudes accordingly.

If you are not prepared for corporate worship this morning, I pray you will repent (turn from the direction you are going and follow Him). You might read 1 John 1-2:6. In there, you will find purpose, relationship, and confirmation of your salvation. I also recommend that you read it in your own traditional Bible (not electronic) so that you can make notes in the margins and “see” it in your mind on the page (it’s part of how we remember).

The time has come when we, His worshipers, worship Him in Spirit and in truth. LET’S DO IT!

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