If I had only one chance

If I had only one chance to talk to you, what would I say?

I would tell you that Jesus loves you. If you read nothing else, I want you to know that He loves you and died in your place so that He could have you back from sin, self, and Satan. There’s more to the story, but that’s the main thing. He loves you because He made you and He wants you back, back in sweet fellowship with God and Himself (they’re the same Person) through His Spirit.

How? Respond. Surrender. Lay down your pride and arrogance and raise the white flag of humility. You must recognize that you are not the captain of your own ship. Instead, you are a slave to sin and you need a Savior. That’s what you are saved from, but what are you saved to? The point of the cross was to bridge the gap between God and you. Through Jesus’ sacrifice, you can have peace with God and enjoy a sweet fellowship with Him. Forever. And with me. We would be spiritual siblings!

God is not mad at you. He’s not disappointed in you. He’s desperate for you! Sin is killing you and keeping you from Him. Through Jesus, He can remedy that. Let Him.

The process is simple. Ask Jesus to save you, to come into your life and be your Lord and Master. You basically make yourself a slave to Him–but, instead of treating you like a slave, He adopts you into His family! You will get a spiritual bath, a white robe (sign of sonship), spiritual sandals (another sign of sonship), a ring with the family crest on it (still another sign of sonship), and adoption papers signed in the blood of Jesus and sealed by His Holy Spirit along with the promise that you will go to live with Him someday.

Do you feel His drawing in your spirit? Is there a tension there that nudges you to believe and to accept His generous offer? ACT ON IT! DON”T WAIT! Do it NOW.

When you do place your faith and trust in Christ Jesus, you will receive a wonderful blessing, which is the Holy Spirit, who comes and takes up residence in your heart and life. The Spirit of God is the essence of Jesus; it’s His way of coming to live with you. He will enter your heart and mind and be with you. Want to know the mind of God? Just ask Him. He’ll be right there with you and in you all the time!

Another residual blessing of being in the presence of the Father is what radiates from Him. You get to bask in His glory. What does that feel like? It’s loving, peaceful, joyful, hopeful (looking forward to the future), and full of grace. He will speak truth to you, especially about yourself, and He deals with you in grace. It doesn’t get any better than that! I have experienced it personally and can attest to it!

My hope, my prayer, is that you will give your life to Him today. You’ll never regret it. If you do, call me or write me. I want to know. In the meantime, I recommend you read the book of John in the Bible. John describes his call from the Lord to be His disciple and will give you a good grasp of who Jesus is and what He has done for you–for the WORLD!

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