Proverbs 23 6-23-19

Take a moment to review your life. Who’s been driving: you or the Lord? The destinations are quite different.

9 Do not speak to fools, for they will scorn your prudent words. 

19 Listen, my child, and be wise, and set your heart on the right path.

Each of us has a stubborn streak. My hope is that we all learn how to get beyond it to see the truth about life, love, and communication.

Life– All life comes from God. He is CREATOR. I love the fact that science is quickly catching up with Truth. Each new invention allows scientists to discover more and more reasons to discount evolution and believe in a Creator. I call it, “I C (see) Design.” It is based on the Irreducible Complexity of life. The more we see with microscopes and telescopes, the more we find that all of creation started with many working parts all at once. IT’S AWESOME!

Love– Our ability to love comes from God who loved us first and is, indeed, the embodiment of love. His very nature is love. He is CRAZY about us! The judgmental side of God that we see in the Old Testament, the Judge of sin, is NOT the side He wants to express to us. JESUS is “God with Us.” His sacrifice on the cross is God paying the price for our sin and rising from the dead so that we could experience God’s love once again. Now, THAT’S going the distance!

Communication– Learning how to talk to God and to Hear His gentle voice is simple, yet takes a lifetime. Interacting with God helps us interact with each other. He is patient with us, so we learn to be patient with others. He is gentle, so we learn to be gentle with others. And so on. The very fact that we CAN have a walking, talking, working relationship with the God of the Universe is mind-blowing! Vice President Pence knows what I’m talking about. Do you?

I invite you to respond to me concerning any questions or comments you might have, even if they are oppositional. I would love to begin a dialogue with you.

Let’s worship in our respective churches today. He’s worth it.

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