Proverbs 6 5-6-19

Do you hear from God? Does He speak to you? The purpose of the Cross was so that He could live in us. How COOL!

20 My son, keep your father’s command and do not forsake your mother’s teaching. 21 Bind them always on your heart; fasten them around your neck. 22 When you walk, they will guide you; when you sleep, they will watch over you; when you awake, they will speak to you. 23 For this command is a lamp, this teaching is a light, and correction and instruction are the way to life…

These words were a hint of what it would be like in the New Covenant. God’s plan all along was to not just re-establish His connection with us as it was in the Garden of Eden, but to go BEYOND to what it is in Christ: “Christ in us, the hope of glory.” Galatians 1:27 The cross/tomb/resurrection was God’s plan for us to become mobile thrones by which He lives and reigns in our hearts.

The Spirit did, indeed, speak to people through His written Word in the OC (Old Covenant), so these verses could be taken literally. Even so, The Holy Spirit “visited” people rather than lived in them. Their faith was in the future when Messiah who would come and redeem them.

We have the privilege of living in that future! Christ has come and redeemed us! He now lives in our hearts!!! What does this mean?

  1. We are one with Him and are now NEW CREATIONS. “The old has passed away; the new has come.” 2 Cor. 5:17
  2. We are His children. We have been adopted and are now co-heirs with Jesus Christ! Romans 8:16-17, 1 John 3:1
  3. The entire point of salvation is for fellowship with God. Christ Jesus is God in the flesh, and the Spirit is Jesus in us!

Vice President Pence got hammered for stating that he talks to Jesus and Jesus talks to him. What people don’t realize is that VP Pence’s relationship with Christ is what Christianity is all about! It’s the ONE THING that sets it apart from all other religions. So, if we are going to get hammered about something, I can’t think of anything better!

Let’s make sure that we take advantage of our unique opportunity to know God. Connect with Him right now and stay connected throughout today. How can we ignore so great a salvation?

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