Proverbs 5 5-5-19

What is your main desire? Is it to do as you please? Is there something that dominates your thoughts? Or is it to please the LORD?

1 My son, pay attention to my wisdom, turn your ear to my words of insight…[otherwise,] 23 for lack of wisdom [you] will die, led astray by [your] own great folly.

Each morning, I hear His Spirit whisper to my heart to spend some special time with Him. I begin by reading His written Word. As I mull over (ponder) what I have read, I pray it back to Him, paying close attention to the Spirit to confirm that I am thinking correctly. I may check the internet to see what others think about a subject or to corroborate a fact. I certainly link passages of Scripture together as they cross reference each other.

This morning, I was reading in Mark about the crucifixion of Jesus. As I was reading, this verse stood out to me:

Mark 15:38 The curtain of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom.

It occurred to me that something of this magnitude should be easy to corroborate. Not so! At the same time, there are several aspects that DO validate its occurrence:

  1. It was a physical impossibility [the curtain was 30 feet high and several inches thick], so it was counted as a miracle.
  2. At least two priests probably became believers and gave testimony to its occurrence [it takes two witnesses]. They might have even been on duty when it happened! The chief priests would not have wanted anyone to know and would probably have sworn all the other priests to secrecy. It’s not documented anywhere, but most things weren’t at that time in history.
  3. Mark wrote his gospel account within 20 years of the event, so there would have been plenty of witnesses still alive to refute his story if it were not true. Also, Matthew included the event (Mt. 27:51) in his Gospel some years later. Since it was written for his Jewish brothers, it stands to reason that they would be aware of the event.

There are several things to conclude from the veil being torn from top to bottom:

  1. God did it. He gave us access to Him and, more importantly, it gave Him access to us!
  2. With His Spirit now living inside of us, we become MOBILE THRONES!
  3. The Old way of doing things was done. A New way has come (2 Cor. 5:17).

The writer of Hebrews sums up the importance of the event and, in doing so, corroborates its authenticity:

Hebrews 10:19 Therefore, brothers and sisters, since we have confidence to enter the Most Holy Place by the blood of Jesus, 20 by a new and living way opened for us through the curtain, that is, his body, 21 and since we have a great priest over the house of God, 22 let us draw near to God with a sincere heart and with the full assurance that faith brings, having our hearts sprinkled to cleanse us from a guilty conscience and having our bodies washed with pure water. 23 Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful.

My fellow believers, let us focus on our LORD Jesus today and make Him our main desire. May He dominate our thoughts today! He has made us pleasing to Him. Thank You, Lord Jesus!!!

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