Proverbs 29 3-29-19

“Keep your eye on the prize.” What is the prize you seek? Wealth? Security? Relationship? Status? How about knowing the LORD?

18 Where there is no revelation, people cast off restraint; but blessed is the one who heeds wisdom’s instruction.

When we are not looking at Jesus, one of two things happen. Either we become afraid, like Peter did when he was walking on water and looked at the waves instead of Jesus (Matthew 14:22-33), or we become enamored with the things of this world. We find ourselves saying, “If I just had ____________.” The problem is that whatever it is we think we want is like a carrot on a stick that Satan uses to draw us away from the Father. It’s hard to keep in mind that the devil wants to destroy us, and sin does exactly that (John 10:10). We are to “fix our eyes on Jesus (Hebrews 12:2)” trusting in Him and enjoying His fellowship. Why did we get saved if not for His fellowship?

Everything comes with a price. Our relationship with Jesus is no different. We must start investing in eternity by “selling our shares” in this world. Logically, it’s the only smart choice, especially when we have His presence, His peace, and His fellowship while we are here on this earth.

How would you explain to a 14-year-old why you discipline him/her? We, as parents, know that “a rod and a reprimand impart wisdom (v15);” we know that if we “discipline our children, they will give us peace and they will bring us the delights we desire (v17).” but, how do we get them to understand this concept? For many, it takes time and experience for them to come to understand.

Guess what: Our heavenly Father has the same “problem” with us. Yet, He is patient and gentle with us. His Spirit continues to work in us even if we are not really trying to be like Him right now. We just need to remember that He disciplines those He loves BECAUSE we are His children.

Let’s make this transition called “life” as smooth as possible by getting close to Jesus. Let’s fix our eyes on Him and hang on His every word. Let’s read His Word and listen for His voice allowing Him to speak to us through the Scriptures, prayer, others, and our circumstances. Let’s put ourselves in places of learning; let’s be INTENTIONAL about our walk with Christ!

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