Proverbs 17 2-17-19

What sin does: it makes us selfish, it makes us crave more sin, and it destroys us. Yet, we cannot give it up. Why?

12 Better to meet a bear robbed of her cubs than a fool in his folly [sin].

Sin is addictive. Much like heroin, alcohol and sugar, the brain wraps around the “drug” and life becomes all about the sin. There are seven deadly sins. They are:

Pride, Greed, Lust, Envy, Gluttony, Wrath, and Sloth

Seven Deadly Sins
There are many verses that attest to these and we can vouch for them in our lives, can’t we? Here’s the big problem with sin: It destroys who we are. It comes in and takes over. No one can trust how we will react when we are driven by our addiction. Hence, verse 12.

Christ wants to save us from our addictions. He wants to restore who we are by transforming us into what we were always meant to be, which is to be like Him. What is Christ like? He is loving, joyful, peaceful, full of grace and hope, truthful, patient, kind, good, faithful, gentle, self-controlled, trusting, and He never gives up on us.

Do you want to be like Him? I DO!!! Lord Jesus, transform me into Your likeness today!

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