Proverbs 10 1-10-19

Things are designed to work well a certain way. Let’s take the time to figure out God’s way and live by His plan. We KNOW it’s the BEST way!

2 The man of integrity walks securely, but he who takes crooked paths will be found out. Pr 10:9

Integrity is the composition of something. The integrity of a building is it’s superstructure. There’s a high-rise in Tulsa that got moved off of its foundation during the last tornado. Even though it looks fine, it will need to be torn down because everything is tweaked. Nothing is as it should be. Hayley and TJ (my daughter and her husband) lost their home the same way in a tornado. It looked fine, but the plumbing and electrical were all messed up because the house got moved just a few inches.

God wants us to have a firm foundation built upon:

1. A stable relationship with Him, one where we speak to Him often and consult Him on every decision, every thought followed, and every word spoken.

2. A good understanding of His Word. He has SO MUCH already written out and explained about life, both physical and spiritual.

3. The knowledge that our actions confirm or deny what we say. Either we live for Christ or we live for ourselves. Our actions will show our heart’s real motives.

Christianity is a thinking faith. We must think before we say or do anything. What are we to think? “Lord, how am I to respond to ______?” “What have You already explained in Your Word?” “How can You best use me in the situation, Abba?” ( I use this one a lot)

Let’s be thinkers AND doers of His will today.

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