Proverbs 2 11-2-18

There is too much “flesh” in our way for us to coast; we must stay vigilant, always striving to stay focused on Him.

According to verses 1-10, we must:

  • Accept His words [we must first read them, or, at least, hear them] and store His commands in us [keep them close at hand and ready to do according to His will];
  • Turn our ear to wisdom [quit deciding for ourselves what is best–there’s no way we can know] and apply our heart to understanding [work hard to grasp God’s perspective];
  • Call out for insight [ask the Spirit to teach us, to open our eyes and ears and minds to the Gospel and all it entails] and cry aloud for understanding [make public our plea to understand God’s ways–accountability];
  • Look for it as for silver [refined seven times (Psalms 12:6)–are we willing to be refined seven times?] and search for it as for hidden treasure [consider His Word worth a fortune–it IS!];
  • What is the result?

We will understand the fear of the LORD

    • [that reverential, intimate respect that comes from abiding in His love and our absolute trust in Him]

and find the knowledge of God

    [experiential knowledge, the kind we get by spending time with Him].

He gives us wisdom

    • [His perspective],

and from his mouth come knowledge and understanding

    [He will show us His will].

We will have victory in our future

    [with the promise of glorification–where He makes us completely like Him in character];

He will be our shield as we walk in blamelessness

    [He has taken the responsibility of making us blameless!];

He will guard our course

    • [as we follow closely to Him, keeping in step with Him, even wearing a double yoke with Him]

as He guards our way as His faithful ones

    [He goes before us, behind us, He covers us, and carries us when need be];

Then we will understand what is right and just and fair—every good path

    [just as in yesterday’s Proverbs, we will finally get it];

For wisdom will enter our hearts

    • [that experiential knowledge that comes from spending time with Him]

and knowledge will be pleasant to our souls

    [we will finally realize that His ways are pleasant ways, even when they are rough ones because He is with us];

Discretion will protect us

    • [that insight as to what is the right thing to say and do–or not say and not do],

and understanding will guard us

    [we take only ways that are firm and straight].

  • Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s get to reading God’s Word!

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