Proverbs 12 9-12-18

Discipline is setting aside how we feel and act accordingly to what we know is right. Ask Him!

[1] Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but he who hates correction is stupid.

What do we know is right? Jesus Christ! We study Him to know what is right and good. In contrast, look at the rest of this chapter:

  • v1. Pride
  • V2. Premeditated wicked schemes
  • V3. Wickedness
  • V4. Selfishness
  • V5. Deceit
  • V6. Dissension
  • V7. Wickedness
  • V8. A warped mind
  • V9. Pretense
  • V10. Wickedness
  • V11. Fantasy-uncontrolled thought life
  • V12. Envy
  • V13. Willful sin
  • V15. Arrogance
  • V16. Impatience
  • And so on. Don’t let your sin nature dictate your actions. Our job is to focus on Jesus and become like Him.
  • There was a popular slogan, “What Would Jesus Do?” It’s true, but it needs to be much more personal:
  • Jesus, What Would You Have Me Do?
  • Let’s study Jesus. He’s “The Real Thing.”
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