Proverbs 6 9-6-18

What is our goal in life? To please God–or to please ourselves? His Spirit gives us “the want-to to want to.”

IF we are listening to the Spirit, THEN we will:

  • Not put up security for someone, nor shake hands in pledge with a stranger (v1-5);
  • Do the works that God has for us (Eph. 2:10) and not give in to how we feel (v6-11);
  • Not try to manipulate situations, but allow the LORD room to work His grace (v12-15);
  • Learn that our natural inclination is toward evil and we must subdue our bent through the study and application of God’s Word as we are led by the Spirit (v16-19);
  • Understand that God speaks to us through His Word, through other Christians, through prayer, and through circumstances, thus speaking to us ALL THE TIME (v20-23)!
  • Realize that we can easily be led astray by temptation and that our flesh is weak, so we lean on the LORD and keep our eyes focused on Him (v24-25);
  • Remember that the consequences of sexual sin are extremely destructive (v26-35).
  • Let us never take for granted God’s grace that has been “lavished on us (Eph. 1:8).” Instead, let’s thank Him for it and for “His kindness to us in Christ Jesus (Eph. 2:7)” as we walk with Him today.
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