Update on Toby DiMiceli

Toby is my great-Nephew and is going through his second bout with A.L.L. (Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia).

So we are at clinic today (Monday, 5-21-18) for a count check to see if he could continue with chemo. He did end up getting sick this weekend, so I was expecting counts to be awful today. However good news is his counts are good, and his liver even looks better than last week. That is all good, and he gets to start on chemo today. Bad news is he is sick, and he will be getting a spinal chemo, two iv chemos, an iv antibiotic, and start an at-home chemo tonight. We will go to clinic every day for the next two weeks for chemo. After that we will probably go everyday for a week, just for blood and platelet transfusions. So it’s a lot, a lot on his body that’s already been pretty mad lately. Please pray protection over him. Pray he kicks this cold before the chemo knocks out his immune system. Pray protection over his liver. Our two relapse buddies just finished this round and one ended up in icu and the other is in the hospital for two weeks. So I’m a nervous mom, even more so bc we are starting it all ready beat up. The good news is this is his last hard phase he has … he still has treatment till aug 2019… but this is the last intense block. Please if you think about it be covering our family in prayers the next few weeks.

Please pray for Toby and family!

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