Proverbs 16 5-16-18

We all respond better to words dipped in honey rather than vinegar. A slow our response gives Him time to shape our words.

Proverbs 16:21 The wise in heart are called discerning, and gracious words promote instruction.

The Gospel is the Good News of Jesus Christ. Is it applicable to life today? Absolutely! The plight of mankind is still separation from God. The ills of humanity still rage from unregenerate hearts and unrepentant people. Why are people so bad? Because they are sinners! Christ came to rectify that condition.

Because of the knowledge base and a skewed view given by Satan via Hollywood and the media, most people are gun-shy of straightforward evangelism. What Is the best approach?

  1. Prayer. We need to be connected to Him and looking for opportunities where He is working. He will invite us to join Him in His work and we will recognize that invitation IF we are watching and listening.
  2. Gracious words are important. Instead of calling attention to a particular sin, start with a story from your past that relates and how God has helped you to overcome.
  3. Look for a hunger to know more. If not, don’t press. If it’s there, then offer the SOLUTION.

The SOLUTION is Jesus. If the Spirit is moving in their lives, then they will be open to hearing about Him, especially if we mention our relationship with Him.

I offer the two statements concerning The Gospel:

“God loves you and sent His son Jesus to die on the cross for your sins. On the third day, Christ was raised from the dead, and He now offers forgiveness to all who repent and place their faith in Him.” -Franklin Graham’s synopsis of Billy Graham’s life message.

“Your yearning for God must supersede all other desires. It must be a gnawing hunger and a burning thirst.” -Billy Graham

At this point, you have been faithful to share Christ; now, it’s up to the Spirit to move them to salvation. More explanation may be given as requested, but allow time for the Spirit to generate that hunger and thirst. We don’t have to “close the sale.” That’s the job of the Holy Spirit!

The phrase, “Go ye therefore…” is better interpreted, “As you go…” If we are walking in step with Jesus, He will lead us to those who need to hear about Him. Let’s DO IT!

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