Proverbs 30 3-30-18

Proverbs 30:5 Every word of God is flawless; he is a shield to those who take refuge in him.

Is God omnipotent (all-powerful)? Omniscient (all-knowing)? Omnipresent (everywhere at once and always dealing with us in the present)?

Do you believe that He is capable of causing the Bible to happen and to protect its integrity?

Do you realize that any questions we may have about His Word are from ignorance and partial knowledge on our end?

The Bible says that Christ was coming to save us from our sin. HE DID! Now, He urges us to take Him up on His offer for a new life in Him. He asks for only two things:

  1. The deed to our “house” (our life-past, present and future),
  2. And the Master Key to every room; He wants access to every area of our lives.

We can trust His Word because we know–not just head knowledge, but experiential knowledge–He can keep His Word. Only then is His Word a shield for us as we take refuge in Him.

By the way, that refuge is wrapped up in our ongoing, personal relationship with Him through His Spirit.

Let’s not “play the fool and exalt ourselves” (v. 32); let’s trust Him and His Word for everything today.

NOTE: Tonight at Brookwood, we have the LORD’S Supper in the auditorium, move down the hall to the Garden scene, and then into the Youth Center for the crucifixion. Come if you are in the area. 6:30.

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