1. What went wrong-Sin


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Genesis1:1 God created. We either believe or we don’t. Evidence is moving more and more toward Creation as science catches up with truth, but we interpret information according to what our bias is. As Christians, we really have no choice but to believe in Creation,:

A. If no creation, then there is no original sin

B. If no original sin, then there is no need for salvation

C. If there is no need for salvation, then there’s no need for Christ

D. If no need for Christ, then Christianity has no foundation

Points of Interest

-a night and a day is a literal 24 hours

-the earliest fossil layer reveals an explosion of life, complex life

-the fossil record only works in sedimentary rock that was once liquid and then hardened (sounds like a flood to me) ex. Grand Canyon and the rock which the layers flowed around

-mankind is different than the rest of creation because we have a spirit; it’s actually a holding place for the Holy Spirit, like the number 0

-mankind had dominion over all creation

-the rib of Adam is the same word that is used to describe a ship’s ribs, which is an integral part of the ship

Next week:

The Fall-

The tree of Desire- a chocolate tree? 😆

The week after:

The Curse- we all inherited it

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