John 15:1-4 The Vine and the Branches 

The Father is The Gardener- Keeping this term in mind, look at the references we have to gardens and vineyards:

Genesis 2:8 (the garden of Eden), Matthew 20:1 (parable of the Workers) , 21:28 (parable of the two sons), 21:38 (parable of the tenants), Luke 13:6 (parable of the fig tree)

Jesus IS the True Vine- He is the only Vine in the garden. THERE IS NO OTHER VINE. 

Verse 2- the term, “cuts off” is NOT a good rendering of the word “airos. ” The best definition is “lifts up,” which means that He picks up the vine. “Cuts off” is the seventh of nine definitions for that word. See Matthew 15:20 (feeding of the 5000), Matthew 27:32 (Simon bears Jesus’ cross), and John 1:29 (“Behold the Lamb of God…) which jives with Isaiah 53:4 (Surely He bore our griefs…) for other references. The picture is of the gardener finding a vine growing along the ground where it gets dirty, stepped on, and cannot be productive. The Gardener picks it up and ties it back on the trellis, thus allowing it to be fruitful again. 

The key word for the verse is “prunes.” Not the kind you eat😜, but the cutting away of dead limbs and even unnecessary foliage. Hmmm, maybe God does that in our lives, too…you think?!

Verse 3: Jesus cleans us and washes us with the water of the Word (Eph. 5:26). 

Verse 4: we MUST stay connected to the Vine, from which comes our LIFE! 

Let’s stay connected today to Him.

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