John 13:1-17 Jesus Washes the Disciples’ Feet

The time: Festival of Unleavened Bread. 

The event: Passover 

Jesus was completely aware of all that was going on: His last day, the cross, Judas, everything. 

[3] Jesus knew that the Father had put all things under his power, and that he had come from God and was returning to God;

So, He reclines at table and has everybody serve Him–you would think. But He doesn’t. Instead, He sets an example for His disciples that is true to this day, “you will be blessed if you do them.” (17b). 

Jesus was very specific with Peter because the washing was an illustration with certain points. 

1. Example- The Master did it, so if you want to be like Him, you will need to do the same. (14-15)

2. Picture- even though Jesus has cleansed us and given us a new nature, we still walk in a dirty world and we need to go to Him and have our feet washed. 

What does that look like?

Needing your feet washed infers dirt on the feet. In this case, dirt represents sin: we have sin on our feet. 

You walk by the kitchen sink and there are dirty dishes in there. Your brother was supposed to put them in the dishwasher. What do you do? A. Tell Mom. B. Tell your brother to quit slacking and do it. C. Do it FOR him so that the job gets done and he doesn’t get in trouble.  Leave the lesson to the Spirit for conviction. He will never learn the lesson of doing what he’s  supposed to do without His conviction and enlightenment. Also, the lesson may not be about diligence, but the opportunity for the Spirit to talk to your brother! What did Jesus say? “Forgive him seventy times seven”–a day!!! It’s not about fairness; it’s about obedience–YOUR obedience!

“Now that you know these things, you will be blessed if you do them.” (17)

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