The Way Things Ought To Be

TJ and Emma dancing!

When I look at the picture of TJ and Emma dancing, I see many things at once. I see the adoring eyes of a daughter looking up at her daddy; I see the pleasure on TJ’s face as he holds his baby in his arms; I see the dad on his knees so that he can reach his daughter easily; I see the leopard pants that so fit Emma; I see the Marine t-shirt that so fits TJ; I see love and a “Kodak Moment” being shared.

This picture definitely needs to be shown at her wedding! It reminds me of the Hallmark commercial of a wedding and the dad dancing with his baby, the bride, while the song, “Daddy’s Little Girl” plays in the background. I never can make it through that commercial without tearing up–okay, blubbering!!!

Thank you, TJ, for loving my grandbaby. Thank you, Hayley, for taking this picture!

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